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Le Triptyque        Diffuseur
  • Le Triptyque Diffuseur

    100 Milliliters
    Excluding VAT |

    Le Triptyque is the modular olfactory centrepiece by Créateur Olfactif Genève. It is a customisable set of up to three fragrance diffusers from the Le Diffuseur line, permitting freedom to change the olfactory tale you wish to tell.


    This Triptyque option consists of the following:

    The Opera is Burning Le Diffuseur, 200ml

    Les Femmes du Khédive Le Diffuseur, 200ml

    Première Mer Le Diffuseur, 200ml


    Every diffuseur de parfum flacon in our Le Diffuseur collection is made in Germany and is finished off by hand in our atelier in Geneva, making each piece a true unicat. 

    Rattan reed colour
    SKU: 36421537513333

    Each part of Le Diffuseur, from the fragrance to the flacon, to the box that houses them and to the packaging of the rattan sticks - has been designed by Créateur Olfactif Genève with emphasis on extending the experience past their initial function, giving them a second life after completing their first one as part of Le Diffuseur:


    The flacon of Le Diffuseur is refillable. Starting soon, we will begin a refill subscription, which enables you to subscribe and re-order your fragrance refills either flexibly or at pre-determined intervals.

    The rattan reeds can be re-used as a parfum d'armoire. Our natural rattan reeds come in a specially designed fabric pouch. After they have served their purpose to release the fragrance of Le Diffuseur, they can be returned to the pouch once more and hung in small spaces such as wardrobes to begin their second life as a parfum d’armoire.

    After, or while serving as a plinth for your Diffuseur, the box housing your Diffuseur can begin its second life as a home for precious items. It has been handmade in our atelier in Geneva, Switzerland using traditional bookbinding methods. 

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