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PREMIÈRE MER         Diffuseur
  • PREMIÈRE MER Diffuseur

    100 Milliliters
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    Inspired by a beach in Copenhagen next to Créateur Olfactif's childhood home, Première Mer is perhaps the most personal in the first collection by Créateur Olfactif Genève. Captured in this Diffuseur, it describes an encounter with an old man on a mission to view the world from the eyes of his younger self once more, with curiosity and excitement. To retell this story, Créateur Olfactif creates a juxtaposition between salty and sweet: Salty and marine notes of the North Sea coast of Copenhagen, counterbalanced by a recreation of the sea kale flower, a shrub native to the beaches of Scandinavia that strongly smell of honey and butter on toast. Première Mer is blended, aged and filled in-house in Geneva, Switzerland


    Our Le Diffuseur is designed to be an olfactory centrepiece that releases its perfume passively for up to 3 months. The glass flacon of this diffuseur de parfum is made in Germany and is finished off by hand in our atelier in Geneva, making each piece a true unicat. Le Diffuseur can either be placed on top of its handmade box (made in-house using traditional bookbinding techniques) or stacked onto other Diffuseur flacons by Créateur Olfactif, to form our Triptyque.


    Première Mer is also available in Le Triptyque.

    Rattan reed colour
    SKU: 366615376135191

    Honeyed sea kale flower: bee's honey, bee's wax, dairy butter, toasted bread.

    Salty breeze of the North Sea: Iodine, salt, fresh sea air.

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