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The Modus Operandi
of Créateur Olfactif Genève

Olfactory centrepieces, handmade in Geneva

Each part of our scented products - from the fragrance to the flacon, to the box that houses them - has been designed by Créateur Olfactif Genève with emphasis on extending the experience past its initial function, giving it a second life after completing its first one as a part of Le Diffuseur


The flacon of Le Diffuseur is refillable. The rattan reeds can be re-used as a parfum d'armoire, by simply returning them to the specially designed fabric pouch they came in. After, or while serving as a plinth for your Diffuseur, the box housing it can begin its second life as a home for precious items. The box is handmade in our atelier in Geneva, Switzerland using traditional bookbinding methods. 

A strong believer in the generosity of self-gifting, each of our scented products are designed to last and continuously surprise.

Créateur Olfactif Genève Swiss Cross and mouilettes


Olfactory centrepieces, handmade in Geneva

Créateur Olfactif Genève pipette

In the city of timekeeping, time is one of our most prized ingredients, allowing each perfume to reach its full potential before filling.

The fragrance formula for Le Diffuseur has been designed, blended and aged in-house in our Geneva studio, by the Créateur Olfactif.

The flacon for Le Diffuser is made in Germany and then finished off by hand in our atelier in Geneva, making each one a true unicat.

Designed to combine aesthetics and function, your Le Diffuseur flacon is stackable in combination with other Diffuseurs by Créateur Olfactif Genève to create a Triptyque: Our modular centrepiece consisting of up to three Diffuseurs.

The box that houses your Diffuseur flacon - and serves as its plinth - has been designed and made by hand at our studio in Geneva, based on traditional bookbinding methods.

Each of the Créateur Olfactif boxes begins its life in our studio as a piece of cardboard, which we cut out, put together, cover and stamp: An intricate process that combines Créateur Olfactif's love of architecture and the maintenance of heritage. After completing its first role as packaging for the diffuser, it serves as its plinth,

on which the diffuser can be placed.

What is more sustainable than packaging that becomes part of the actual product?

The illustrations are visual translations of our fragrances' stories, drawn in water colour by our official illustrator, Carlos, before they get turned into film.

The Créateur Olfactif

Olfactory centrepieces, handmade in Geneva

Créateur Olfactif Genève distillation equipment
Mustafa Moneir Perfumer & Founder of Créateur Olfactif Genève
Créateur Olfactif Genève raw materials
Créateur Olfactif Genève raw materials
Créateur Olfactif Genève raw materials
Créateur Olfactif Genève raw materials
Créateur Olfactif Genève Mouillettes Holder
Créateur Olfactif Genève


I have always been a stranger growing up.

But when you're a nomad, you eventually realise strangers to a city also make its best observers.  You smell a city differently when you're new to it.

You're a blank slate.

You perceive and absorb with fresh perspective that locals may have lost.


Mustafa Moneir: Perfumer, Creative Director & Créateur Olfactif Genève

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